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We are your one-stop spot for fast, friendly, and quality computer repair in Lakeway, Texas. We specialize in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP. We repair both PC and Mac (desktop, laptop, and tablets). Sorry we do NOT fix iphones and smartphones. We are professional and affordable with flat-rate pricing and NO hidden fees. We have over 15 years of experience and offer same-day services.

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Virus Removal

At an affordable flat-rate price, Modern PC Repair is always successful in removing all your malware, spyware, and viruses from your computer or laptop.

Computer Repair

We specialize in all computer brands, makes and models. No job is too big or small for us. We are highly skilled professionals with years of experience.

Speed Tune-Up

Is your computer running slower than normal and has pop-ups? Don't worry, we can give it a tune-up with our special tools that will make it run like new.


We will make a complete assessment of your computer hardware and software. Our diagnostic service fee is $40 (flat rate).

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Dennis D

We recently moved our office from Houston to Lakeway and I needed to upgrade the four monitors on my desk as I am a market analyst. I am not too bad myself at cracking open the box and replacing video cards but the card I needed to install was a horse and needed a bigger power supply and a change of the bios. Modern PC was fast, efficient and extremely knowledgeable about what I needed. They had me back up and running in no time and the new monitor system is working flawlessly. What is really great is that I have found my new local computer company.

Donna Palmer

Modern PC Repair was wonderful! I had an uncommon issue and Alejo did not give up! He was very helpful and attentive throughout the process. He worked on my macbook pro remotely and I didn't even have to leave my home. Amazing! I highly recommend this company and will use them again!!

John Hall

Incredibly fast and efficient service. Easy payment option through paypal. I usually have to wait days and schedule times for my corporate IT guys to fix my computer issues, but Modern PC Repair logged onto my computer right away and started work immediately. It gave me peace of mind. I felt that even after the job was completed that I could call with questions. My computer feels brand new and runs faster than it ever did. I think of myself as pretty computer savvy but they were able to help me in ways that I didn't know I needed help! I will use them again and will recommend to others.

Sandy Lairsen

My situation was not an easy fix!! I couldn’t log on to my computer – it wouldn’t accept my password. I had been infected with a Trojan virus & dealt with blue screen crashes for months, followed Microsoft Security Essentials to remove the virus, bought other security software, spent hours online researching and trying everything! I had a hard time even explaining all the issues I had to Alejo, but the first was getting into it!! He was very professional and wasted no time suggesting he take a look remotely. He was so patient and walked me through a complicated scenario and several hours but finally got me to my desktop! Then he went to work scanning & repairing endless problems – hours upon hours of work. The charges for his services were very reasonable and I could pay with PayPal. I couldn’t be happier. He’s working on 2 other computers in my home office network now and will be my “go to” guy for anything in the future – amazing results and all done remotely!! I highly recommend Alejo and Modern PC Repair.

Jn Bourne

I had the pleasure of dealing with Modern PC Repair. Alejo helped me today with my computer. Not only he is professional but also very patient. He recovered all of data I needed and fixed my computer just like new again. I recommend Modern PC repair. I will use them again.

Rhonda Greene

Modern PC repair is fantastic! Alejo did not hesitate when I requested quite a bit of assistance. All of his work was done remotely which was extremely convenient. He was professional and I would use his services again, absolutely!

Jo Beam

Best there is in Lakeway. I couldn't be more happier with the same day service with Modern PC Repair. Highly recommend this company. Not only helped me but also helped a few of my friends. Very professional and easy. I love the remote access!!!


Computers always crash when you're working on a big project that's due in a few days. That just happened to me and Alejo worked tirelessly to get mine back up and running. He was fair, honest, good and most of all, trustworthy. I highly recommend this company.

Stephanie Hall

I highly recommend Modern PC Repair. Very knowledgable, efficient, cost-saving and fast service. My MacBookPro became frozen and unresponsive at startup. I spent days trying to fix it to myself before calling Modern PC Repair. Alejo was able to quickly diagnose the problem and get the repair turned around in no time, allowing me to get back to my clients' projects. Very professional and friendly customer service!

Marda Sarnataro

Because Alejo does not specialize in printers he got me through the mess I was dealing with on my computer first. Apparently I had a lot of malware and virus' and he eliminated them. Then he discovered the fixes to my printer were actually caused by a faulty port on my computer. So everything is up and running now and I really appreciate the friendly and efficient help I received. I highly recommend Alejo for you computer problems!

Rudy Ferrara

I had two power adapters and a power jack all not working at the same time on a Dell XPS 12. Alejo sorted through it.

Donna Lombard

I have been so impressed with Alejo and his expertise but more than that his patience with me! I'm very "elementary" when it comes to computer's but he was exactly what I needed. After the initial clean up was done he called me a few days later and ask me how everything was going------who does that anymore? Great customer service! My computer is much faster and he gave me tips to simplify my computer usage! I highly recommend this company!! Thank you again Alejo!

Sharon Henson

I had some pretty nasty viruses on my computer, Alejo worked with me thru the internet and got everything cleaned up, and installed an anti-virus software for me. Great customer service! He stayed with me and walked me thru all the steps, then reimaged my machine. It is great!! I will definitely spread the good word. I didn't even have to leave my house, and did not have to drop my computer off anywhere. I'm back in business!!! Thanks Alejo!

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